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What we do
Your wedding ceremony is a very precious and intimate occasion, laden with symbolism, meaning and love. Music is a most powerful context in which these sentiments can be realised. To create a programme of music that both reflects the intimacy of your commitment and still respects the religious context of the ceremony, takes knowledge, good judgment and taste.
The music of your wedding ceremony uniquely reflects your own taste and aspirations for the celebration of your marriage. It is a moment in which the sights and sounds will remain in your memory and that of your guests for many years to come. Choosing beautiful music and performing it at just the right moment within the ceremony can make all the difference and will leave a truly lasting impression.

Who we are
Liturgist and musician, Cyril Murphy, will take the time to advise and prepare a ceremony where the music truly reflects and radiates your unique personalities and yet respects the solemnity of your vows. Meeting you on a one-to-one basis, he will discuss and let you hear various musical options to ensure your musical aspirations are fully realised on the day. This is a valuable service. Engaging the musicians you see and hear on this website, and working with other top professionals from around the country, we will prepare and deliver a bespoke music programme of the highest standard for you. By the sheer quality of the music and the expert advice in choosing a programme, we can promise you a truly memorable and celebratory wedding ceremony.