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What we do
The funeral ceremony of a dearly loved family member is a very precious and intimate occasion, laden with memories, meaning and solemnity. To create a programme of music that both reflects the personality of the deceased and still respects the solemnity of the rite, takes knowledge, good judgment and time. Liturgist, Cyril Murphy, will take the time to advise and prepare a ceremony where the music truly reflects and radiates the personality and life of the deceased.

The days leading to a funeral service can be emotionally fraught with so many unplanned for eventualities and arrangements to be taken care of. Having a professional at your side to advise and arrange this most significant of ceremonies is a considerable ease at this time.

Who we are
As a professional musician and liturgist with a deep understanding of how good liturgy is created, and with a thorough musical knowledge of the repertoire, Cyril Murphy will be at hand to guide you through this process with recommendations and suggestions borne out of long experience.

Engaging the musicians you see and hear on this website, and working with other top professionals from around the country, we will prepare and deliver a bespoke music programme reflecting the individuality of your loved one. Ultimately, the tone and nature of the ceremony is the most remembered event after this time has passed.

We also offer an unique service of preparing and printing a mass leaflet with the sung responses and readings which encourages participation by those attending the service and acts as a poignant memento of the occasion.