Order of Service
Below are listed liturgically appropriate and generic music pieces that offer a framework for any funeral service. Allied to these choices, we can tailor a bespoke programme of music to reflect the individuality of your loved one.

Some short recordings of our music are available >>HERE

Requiem introit

This beautiful old plain chant introduction to the Requiem Mass can be sung at the very beginning of the ceremony.
“Eternal rest grant onto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them”

Opening hymn

The soloist can lead everyone here in singing an opening hymn that can unify an entire congregation and offer encouragement and support to the bereaved. Alternatively, this list below can be a solo performance.

The Lord’s my shepherd
Be thou my Vision
How great thou art
When creation was begun
The bells of the angelus

Responsorial psalm

It is important where possible to sing this part of the Liturgy of The Word as the psalms were originally written to be sung. Singing at this point offers a break between the “wordiness” of so many texts. Below are psalms that are all textually very appropriate and meaningful in the context of a funeral ceremony.

Be not afraid
Shelter me O God
On Eagle’s Wings
The Cloud’s Veil
Se an Tiarna m’aoire
The Lord’s my shepherd
Like a shepherd he feeds his flock
Only in God will my soul be at rest
The Lord will heal the broken heart

Preparation of gifts

At this point it is often possible to have an instrumental version of some piece of music that was especially identified with the deceased, even if this is not necessarily a piece of religious music. Some suitable instrumental and vocal options follow below.

Vocal options
Ag Criost an Siol
Ave Maria
Pie Jesu
The Cloud’s Veil
Hiding Place
I watch the sunrise
You raise me up
As I kneel before you
Be still and know that I am God
Amazing Grace
Be still my soul
Instrumental options
Air on the G string
Gabriel’s Oboe
The Swan, Saint Saens


The principal sung acclamations of the Eucharistic prayer are the Holy, Holy, The Mystery of Faith (after the consecration) and the Great Amen. These can be sung where requested either in Gregorian Chant or in a contemporary music setting.

Sanctus – Orbis Factor
Holy Holy – Joncas
He is Lord
When we eat this bread
Lourdes Amen
Plain Chant Amen


Generally two pieces are needed for communion, the first being a piece which covers the time when people receive communion and the second generally being more reflective and perhaps particular to the deceased.

Panis Angelicus
Ave Maria
As I kneel before you
Pie Jesu
Be still my soul
Soul of my Saviour
Clare Benediction
Bring flowers of the rarest
Cead mile failte
Be still my soul
Make me a channel of your peace
Hiding Place
Sweet Heart of Jesus
Softly and Tenderly Jesus is calling
O sacrament most holy

Final commendation

This is the final blessing with oils, water and incense of the remains of the deceased and is our parting benediction before burial or cremation. As such, it is a very poignant and intimate moment of recollection. Something gentle and apt here works very powerfully.

Jesus remember me
Song of Farewell
Clare Benediction
Salve Regina
Confitemini Domino
Ubi Caritas

Final hymn

This final hymn can take the form of a well known hymn which everyone can join in on or alternatively some people prefer a non-verbal instrumental music piece to accompany the deceased on their last journey.

Abide with me
Nearer my God to Thee
How great Thou art
Christ be beside me
The Lord’s my Shepherd
Holy God we praise Thy name
Mine eyes have seen the glory
Thine be the glory
Going Home